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Check my gun? No way marshal

From the print edition of the Los Angeles Times. The online edition headline reads, “Gun laws were tougher in old Tombstone.
If you like the headline, you’ll like the article even better. Here’s a sample,

Back then, Tombstone had far stricter gun control than it does today. In fact, the American West’s most infamous gun battle erupted when the marshal tried to enforce a local ordinance that barred carrying firearms in public. A judge had fined one of the victims $25 earlier that day for packing a pistol.
“You could wear your gun into town, but you had to check it at the sheriff’s office or the Grand Hotel, and you couldn’t pick it up again until you were leaving town,” said Bob Boze Bell, executive editor of True West Magazine, which celebrates the Old West. “It was an effort to control the violence.”

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  1. This comes back to the ancient wisdom that excessive capitalism inevitably breeds antisocial behaviour because it forces us all into a competitive ratrace where everyone is everyone else’s obstacle in every single aspect of life until life is no longer worth living.
    For example, in the case of Jared Laughner, we see a fractured system that was incapable of providing the young man with proper medication. To provide free healthcare afterall would amount to that “evil socialism” we got here in Canada that causes people to be healthier. Bleh! So in a nutshell, any social supports, if any, completely failed him and failed the safety of everyone else who bothers to vote anymore. His mental illness progressed and a woman was injured horribly as a result.
    This is a perfect example of how an economic system can cultivate tragedy, disorder and antisocial behaviour. The 1% ultra-riche hide behind security or tuck themselves away in Dubai while avoiding responsibility for the other 99%. Since this sickly, purposely negligent corporate system has gone global and has been setting to work to corrupt other countries, these instances of total lunacy are becoming more and more relevant to all global citizens, not just Americans, because we’re all in this world together and it’s getting all too small nowdays.

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