Help With Hurrian!

Does anyone have access to Emmanuel Laroche, Glossaire de la langue hourrite, (Études et commentaires, 93 ; Paris: Klincksieck, 1980) or Revue hittite et asianique, 34 and 35? They amount to the same thing. Supposedly, the nearest library with this best seller is UCLA’s Charles E. Young Research Library. The reason I say “supposedly” is that according to their catalog it’s missing! They have been searching for it almost as long as Hurrian has been an extinct language. My guess is that people who need to look up Hurrian words are, as a class, petty thieves but I could be wrong.
I’m looking for zabuškume or abuškume or both.
I know what Laroche said in “Documents en langue hourrite provenant de Ras Shamra, ” in Ugaritica V (Mission de Ras Shamra, XVI, Paris: P. Geuthner, 1968), 448-544, here 461. Not much. But I wonder if he had more to say in later.
Don’t feel too guilty if you can’t help me with this one. I’m trying several other ways to get at it.