Here We Go Again

The State University of New York at Albany’s motto is “the world within reach.” But language faculty members are questioning the university’s commitment to such a vision after being told Friday that the university was ending all admissions to programs in French, Italian, Russian and classics, leaving only Spanish left in the language department once current students graduate. The theater department is also being eliminated. [Inside Higher Ed]

And again (potentially) at Louisiana State University,

Clearly if either of the budget reduction scenarios currently being considered for the Baton Rouge campus comes to pass (under the thirty-five percent reduction scenario, resulting in a minimum of seven hundred employees fired without cause, fifty programs eliminated, and eight thousand students forced to study elsewhere), the ripple effect through the Baton Rouge economy would be traumatic and long-lasting. But it should also be equally clear that the lack of any meaningful flagship institution of higher education would be absolutely devastating for the entire state of Louisiana. [from a draft letter in support of LSU]

Via Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog