I Can Hardly Wait!

Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol. 1I’ve mentioned before that volume 1 of the Autobiography of Mark Twain is about to be published.
Excitement is in the air. It is also at This is Mark Twain, a University of California sponsored website, and at Amazon. The This Mark Twain site is a high tech retrospective on Twain’s life with lots of great pictures and, of course, links the places were one can preorder volume 1. The UC Press has it scheduled for publication in November. The list price is $34.95 but Amazon is taking prepublication orders at $18.87. And that has a preorder guarantee. If the price at publication is lower, Amazon will give prepublication customers that lower price but the price won’t go up (some restrictions apply). I just ordered mine.

One thought on “I Can Hardly Wait!”

  1. There is a convenient chart of the previously-published material from MT’s Autobiography here, if anybody’s interested. I know I’m going to be checking up on how Paine, DeVoto and Neider handled the material once we have the UC edition to look at. Yes, the vagaries of MT editors are endlessly fascinating…

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