I Give Thanks

I thank Shirley for bringing both spice and stability to my life.
I thank our children for teaching me more than I ever taught them.
I think the members of our Thursday lunch group for all those great hugs.
I thank my doctor for understanding my desires in living as well as my health needs. They don’t always match up quite as well as he would like. I thank Shirley’s doctors for keeping her active and alive.
I thank the editorial board of The Catholic Biblical Quarterly for publishing my paper. I also thank them for suggesting we call it, “’Pisser against a wall’: An Echo of Divination in Biblical Hebrew” rather than my proposed title, “מַשְׁתִּין בְּקִיר – An Echo of Divination in Biblical Hebrew.”
I thank Alan Lenzi for taking a chance.
I thank those people who bring our mail, protect our neighborhood from fire and theft, who administer our government health care plans and Social Security – you know, the bureaucrats and civil servants. I think those who administer my private pension plan. I think the people at our new bank. I thank the hard working folks at our internet and VOIP service provider, “Speakeasy.”
I thank President Obama and the 111th Congress of the United States for bring us a legislative package that, on balance, is among the best and most progressive in the last few decades. And I thank the President and his administration for doing the right things most of the time rather than only those things that are politically expedient. I also thank him and our political system for letting me complain when I think they get it wrong.
I thank the voters of California for not listening to the perpetual noise machine and mostly electing candidates who seek to serve all the people and not just the most powerful people. In one case, it took until yesterday to get the job done, but I give thanks to those voters who figured it out.
I thank the person who for no good reason and without request offered to give up her place in the grocery store line last night. I thank the person who yielded the right of way in the right way and the person who took the right of way when it was properly theirs.
I thank the Pomona College Music Department for those wonderful concerts that enliven the mind and extend its horizons.
I thank my abnormal readers for sharing abnormal interests.
Not only on Thanksgiving Day, but everyday I try to thank the people of my life. Without them, my life would not be nearly as good as it is. Thank You!

3 thoughts on “I Give Thanks”

  1. Being always skeptical of mechanistically synching my personal behaviour to calendar dates like the others, I suppose that if I were to entertain the notion of thankfulness for the sake of it, I might thank time itself for moving us all beyond another obnoxious series of sales and advertisements. Alas, we have yet to contend with Christmas, a time to celebrate the trading of physical objects in boxes smothered in unnecessary accoutrement all in the hopes of maintaining fleeting love and societal acceptance amidst the unnecessary pollution of the environment with yet more refuse. Praise our wise lord, Santa. ;o)

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