I Just Solved The Most Pressing Question In Philosophy

I’m in the final push to address reviewer comments on a recent paper, so abnormally interesting blogging, if there ever is such a thing, will be a little slow for a while. I can no longer edit and chew gum at the same time. But some just plain abnormal blogging like this offering will continue.
Last night, Shirley and I had dinner with a mid-career philosopher of science and his wife. So we naturally discussed Biblical Studies and the ancient Near East. But philosophy did come up. According to this philosopher, the most pressing question in contemporary philosophy is, “Why is ‘holism’ spelled without a w?”
Apparently Jan Smuts first used the term in his 1926 book Holism and Evolution. Here’s how I solved the most pressing question in contemporary philosophy. “Holism” is from hol(o)+ism and not whol(e)+ism. But like many things in philosophy, this explanation only moves the question to a place where it is more difficult to find an answer.
PS: By long standing agreement I refrain from giving this philosopher’s name or our relationship on my blog.

One thought on “I Just Solved The Most Pressing Question In Philosophy”

  1. An interesting pair of words, English “whole” and Greek “‘olos”, very close in sound and meaning, unrelated etymologically (from PIE “keilo-” and “sol-” respectively.
    Google gives ~3.75 million hits for “holistic medicine” vs. ~35000 for “wholistic medicine”. I’m wary of the first as quackery and the second as ignorant quackery, but that’s just my prejudice.

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