I’m A Footnote

Alice Mouton and Ian Rutherford mentioned my paper “Portentous Birds Flying West” in their article “Luwian Religion, A Research Project: The Case of ‘Hittite’ Augury” Here’s what they said, “Smith forthcoming will argue that such bird oracles have close parallels to some of the Sumerian Šumma Ālu series of omens (337, n 61).” Of course, they also list my paper in their bibliography. I sure hope I didn’t say that Šumma Ālu was a Sumerian omen series. It may have had Sumerian precursors but as far as I know all the Šumma Ālu tablets are in Akkadian. Also, my paper is no longer “forthcoming.” It has come forth.
In the body of the paper they note “On the face of it, augury as depicted in Homer has little on common with Anatolian augury of the 2nd millennium as we know it from Hittite texts” and suggest that apparent differences between Hittite and Homeric bird divination might be due to the “medium of poetry.” I used this same argument to gloss over differences between Akkadian and Homeric bird divination. I don’t have access just now to the whole of Mouton and Rutherford’s paper, but I’m not sure from what I have seen via Google Books that they argue against me.

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Smith, Duane E., “Portentous Birds Flying West: On the Mesopotamian Origin of Homeric Bird-Divination,” JANER, 13 (2013), 49-85