I’m Appealing To A Higher Power

Is there anyone among my abnormal readers who can help me sort something out? If not, I will need to write Marguerite Yon or P. Pierre Bordreuil or some curator at the Musée du Louvre and see if they can help.
Here’s the abnormal problem. Nougayrol, 110, n. 3, referenced a tablet he calls AO 17.203 in support of his rendering of SAL.É.KAR in line 6 of RS 8.208. In this note he says, “Ce nom d’état se retrouve dans un grand vocabulaire de Ras Shamra dont la publication est en préparation (AO 17.203, VI, 11 et suiv.).” AO 17.203 is certainly a Louvre catalogue number. It’s hard to believe that “grand vocabulaire de Ras Shamra” means anything other than the Sa polyglot vocabulary RS 20.123+ or one of the somewhat less grand texts from Ugarit of the same genre. But, when one looks at the published texts, it’s hard to understand the column and line designations. Bordreuil, Pardee, and Cunchillos, I, 30, identify this tablet as “RS 3.309 = RS 4.520” and call it a syllabary rather than a vocabulary. I can’t otherwise find a single reference to RS 3.309 or RS 4.520 and neither of them are, as far as I can tell, among the several fragments that make up RS 20.123+ or the other less grand vocabulary texts from Ugarit. In fact, if I weren’t so lazy, I’d call RS 20.123+ by its proper name, RS 20.123 + 180A + 180α + 185 A, B +180 A + 197 E + 426 C, E + 21.07 B. I also find it strange that Huehnergard doesn’t mention this tablet in either Ugaritic Vocabulary in Syllabic Transcription or The Akkadian of Ugarit. At least I can’t find any reference to it in those works. And does Nougayrol mean that the ideogram complex SAL.É.KAR is in AO 17.203 or only KAR or something else?

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