I’m Waiting And Worrying

I’m waiting for several things: ILL, a response from an editor, the actual publication of a book and a few of other things. For some reason these acts of waiting have limited several other less strenuous activities like posting here at Abnormal Interests.
I’ve actually written two potential posts in the last two days but I worry that one would only contribute to some ongoing vitriol without in anyway advancing the topic. I worry that the other will draw me into a discussion of whether an extremely minor change in someone’s scholarly position was the result of his selling out to political forces. I will comment that a dogmatic quest for methodological certainty forces people to adopt some really strange views. If you don’t know what either of these worries is about, for at least today, your interests are not as abnormal as mine.
I am working on a couple of things but none of them has reached the rather low standard I have set for blog posts.

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