Investment Banking And The Academy

Mark Goodacre has yet another story of a questionable academic termination and possible assault on a respected academic program. This time it’s Lloyd Pietersen, Senior Lecturer and Research Coordinator in New Testament Studies in the Department of Humanities at the University of Gloucestershire. Head over to Mark’s place for details and an action plan.
But in the larger picture of things, does it really make good sense to have an investment banker making academic decisions? Deputy Vice Chancellor (Operations) Paul Bowler is just that and he apparently has the lead in deciding who goes and who stays.
In my view, if staff cuts are required and they may well be, then academics should be making the decisions on who stays and who goes. Establishing individual “Redundancy” is an academic decision just as is individual hiring.
Please also read Lloyd Pietersen’s comments at Jim West’s place.

One thought on “Investment Banking And The Academy”

  1. Unfortunately, I suspect this is just another case of an increasing trend in higher education. I wrote a post a couple weeks back on how institutions ditch their talent, and no matter what we want to call it the end result is the same. Good people are left without work.

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