It’s Election Day

and there’s little I can do about it now. I no longer have what amounts to a full time job with lots of overtime and no pay. No more Save the Pomona Public Library signs to deliver. No more door hangers to distribute. No more call banks to manage. No more talks to give. No more coordinating lunches to attend. Now we wait. Will we get the required two thirds vote? I don’t know. What I do know is our dedicated team has done everything we could within the limits of time and cost to get that vote.
It’s been many years since I last worked on a campaign. I’ve met a lot of amazing dedicated people – Marian, Kathy, John, Anne, Erin, Alice, Mike, Jacky, Paul, Paula, Roberta to name but a few – people who care about our city, who care about our city’s library – people of differing political views who put large portions of the lives on hold to save one of the great institutions of our town.
It has been exhilarating. It has been exhausting. It has also been fun. But as our chairman said, “I want to get my life back.” You know you’ve been at it too long when your City Councilperson calls you and without identifying herself asks you for something. Yesterday that happened to me and it wasn’t the first time. So expect more blogging, more Akkadian, more Ugaritic, more divination, more Hebrew Bible, more Mark Twain, more abnormal interests. I’ve read almost nothing abnormal in the last two months, so it may take a few days to get back to full swing.