Jesus On Toast

Brunt Impressions, LCC markets toasters that burn images into toast. Among them is a toaster that will allow Jesus to join you for breakfast if for only as long as it takes you to eat your toast.

Toast with image of Jesus

Galen Dively III’s company doesn’t only cater to those who want to eat the image of Jesus each morning. He also sells toasters that burn toast with the peace sign and with the image of a hemp leaf. I’m not sure which of these toasters was first to be introduced but I do have a thought on the subject.
According to Over the Limit, Brunt Impressions plans to branch out, “The man behind the project, Galen Dively III of Vermont, believes these toasters will make a great hit during the holidays and has plans to make a Virgin Mary and Star of David version to compliment the Jesus toaster.”
Don’t bother to get one of these toasters for me. Shirley and I never have toast for breakfast.
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