Journal of Cuneiform Studies, 64, Available

The latest edition of Journal of Cuneiform Studies, 64 (2012), is now available online. Unfortunately the options are subscription or JSTOR’s Current Scholarship Program.
Of the several abnormally interesting papers, I think Jean-Jacques Glassner’s « Droit et divination: deux manières de rendre la justice. À Propos de dīnum, uṡurtum et awatum », 39-56, will be the first on my reading list.
Via Chuck Jones on ANE-2.
PS: For those who may be wondering. After returning from our two week eating extravaganza Shirley and I came down with rather debilitating head colds: sinus and nasal congestion with coughing occasionally followed by mild to moderate swearing. I think I’m feeling better and hope that in the near future I will be able to think and blog at the same time.