Just How Old Are These Houses?

And did a few millennia get lost in translation?
Okay, which is it? Do these houses date back to the 4th century or the 11th century BCE? Or are we really talking about millennium rather than centuries?
Reporting on remarks by Yusef Kanjo,chairman of Archeological Excavation Division at Aleppo Antiquities and Museums Department concerning the most recent season at Tal al-Qaramel 25 km west of Aleppo, the Syrian Arab News Agency says,

He pointed out that the number of the unearthed houses during the excavation season reached four, whose diameter ranged from 2 to 3 meters, adding that this gathering of houses indicates that there was a village, the houses of which were built according to the same architectural style and date back to the mid 11th century BC.
He said that the findings prove that there was human settlement at the bottom of the most ancient circular houses which date back to the 4th century BC.

“Date back to the 4th century,” you say? But didn’t we just learn that the houses dated back to the 11th century BCE? Am I missing something? Obviously, there are some issues with the translation. Such, largely syntactical, problems are not all that uncommon and they seldom cause difficulty in understanding but this 11th century / 4th century thing has me buffaloed.
Check it out and see what you think. Based on the description of the houses, my guess is that we should read millennium rather than century and perhaps as Shirley suggested, 4th is a typo for 14th. If this is correct, it makes this little village among the oldest, if not the oldest such community, known.
I’m too lazy to try to struggle with the Arabic and believe me it would be a struggle. It would likely take me half a day or more just to find the Arabic version of the article if there even is one. My preliminary efforts resulted in something abnormally interesting but hardly Arabic.

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  1. Maybe the architectural style briefly being referred to dates to the 11th century… which proves that the site dates to the 4th somehow?? I can’t say that I understood that text either but then again I just finished off a beer this evening, hehe.

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