Das Kanaano-Akkadische der Amarnazeit

Das Kanaano-Akkadische der Amarnazeit
Lehrbücher orientalischer Sprachen – LOS I/1
Edited by Josef Tropper and Juan-Pablo Vita
Ugarit-Verlag, 2010
163 pages, German and English
ISBN: 9783868350234
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The recent publication of the tablet fragment from Jerusalem reminded us of the importance of understanding the subtleties of Canaano-Akkadian as represented in the Amarna letters from Canaan. So I guess this book is a must buy for anyone with my abnormal interests. I suppose it will be less detailed but more up to date than Anson Rainey’s massive, three volume, plus index volume, Canaanite in the Amarna Tablets: A Linguistic Analysis of the Mixed Dialect Used by the Scribes from Canaan (Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1996) and perhaps more focused than Daniel Sivan’s still older Grammatical Analysis and Glossary of the Northwest Semitic Vocables in Akkadian Texts of the 15th-13th C. from Canaan and Syria (Kevelaer: Verlag Butzon and Bercher, 1984). I’m not sure how it will compare with Shlomo Izre’el’s “Canaano-Akkadian,” Languages of the World/Material, 82, München: Lincom Europa, 1998. But I guess I’m about to find out.