Khirbet Qeiyafa – Getting It Right

So far there have been quite a number of abnormally interesting blog posts on the recently and loudly announced cultic finds from Khirbet Qeiyafa. John Hobbins provides a clear statement as to the significance of these finds,

My take: the finds from KQ Yossi Garfinkel and his team continue to present to the public with great fanfare are boring. They are compatible with biblical traditions about the time period in question. They also fail to confirm those traditions in the sense of proving that, for example, someone named Saul based in the northern highlands contested the Philistines, only to be succeeded by someone named David based for a time in Hebron and then in Jerusalem, to be succeeded by someone named Solomon who developed organic ties with the Phoenicians of Tyre and endowed Jerusalem with a state-sponsored temple.

That seems about right. Read his whole post.
Even more concise is the quotation with which Seth Sander begins his report of a conversation between himself, Matthew Suriano and Jacqueline Vayntrub,

“The difference between the new model shrines and others is that these come with a press kit.”

Iā€™m not sure which of the three of them made this statement but it is dead on.

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