Lawrence Lessig On Getting Our Values Around Copyright

The other day, Robert Cargill identified a lecture by Lawrence Lessig at the DUCAUSE09 conference as a “must watch.” Robert was correct. So, here is another change to hear Lessig’s lecture. To whet your appetite, I’ve reproduced, under a Creative Commons License, the following slide from the lecture.

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2 thoughts on “Lawrence Lessig On Getting Our Values Around Copyright”

  1. Copyright, which seems to mean the right to forbid others to copy, may or may not be theft, it certainly is the antithesis of science, since any science worthy of the name is open to debate and criticism.
    Education is more interesting. There are two extreme cases:
    There is a commercial form of education that exists to ration and control the supply of licenced practitioners of various professions – that sort must love copyright.
    Then there is education as the process of learning to share in the process of growing and nurturing knowledge – that sort detests copyright as its antihesis.
    Technology is another really interesting case, which Lessig (on this slide, as I have not seen the whole, having slow intermittent Internet here on the Thai-Burma border) does not mention.
    As for education the question is, is technology science or commerce?

  2. When I was in engineering school, we used to say, “Science thinks of it, engineering makes it work.” To a large extent technology, one of the products of engineering, stands at the interface of science and commerce. But, I think technology models best as commerce. Without much effort, I could be persuaded otherwise.

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