Lester Grabbe To Be Honored

It feels somewhat weird to hear that a person I went to graduate school with is having a festschrift published in his honor. But so it is with Lester Grabbe. He was ahead of me and studied under William H Brownlee while I worked with Loren Fisher. We didn’t hang out together, but I do remember him. I’m not completely sure if Lester and I ever even took a single course together. As with many of my graduate school colleagues, I lost touch with Lester during the years of my exile from things academic. In recent years, I have taken occasion to consult some portion of his considerable volume of work.
At a prepublication price of $140.00 or just short of $0.50 per page, T & T Clark International, the publishers of The Historian and the Bible: Essays in Honour of Lester L. Grabbe, are certainly not honoring potential purchasers.
Via Jim West The Younger (You will remember that Jim West The Elder gave up blogging a couple of months ago)