Mark Twain Archaeology

Yep, there is such a thing! A dig is starting at the John Adams Quarles farmstead where Twain spent some time as a child. Quarles was Twain’s uncle. I do wonder if there is some motive other than just recovering a site from Twain’s youth but the project is still abnormally interesting.
Here’s part of what Twain remembered of the Quarles farm in 1906,

It was a heavenly place for a boy, that farm of my uncle John`s. The house was a double log one, with a spacious floor (roofed in) connecting it with the kitchen. In the summer the table was set in the middle of that shady and breezy floor, and the sumptuous meals — well, it makes me cry to think of them. Fried chicken, roast pig, wild and tame turkeys, ducks and geese; venison just killed; squirrels, rabbits, pheasants, partridges, prairie-chickens; biscuits, hot batter cakes, hot buckwheat cakes, hot “wheat bread,” hot rolls, hot corn pone; fresh corn boiled on the ear, succotash, butterbeans, string-beans, tomatoes, pease, Irish potatoes, sweet-potatoes; buttermilk, sweet milk, “clabber”; watermelons, muskmelons, cantaloupe — all fresh from the garden — apple pie, peach pie, pumpkin pie, apple dumplings, peach cobbler — I can`t remember the rest. The way that the things were cooked was perhaps the main splendor — particularly a certain few of the dishes. For instance, the corn bread, the hot biscuits and wheat bread, and the fried chicken.

Among the areas of the house to be excavated is that kitchen.
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