Mark Twain on the Platform

The Mark Twain Project has a new feature, “Mark Twain on the Platform.” This searchable resource provides the date, event (1st eastern tour, author’s reading, benefit, etc.), the type of presentation (lecture, reading), venue, (if known, a few aren’t known), City, work presented, and source for 466 presentations Twain gave between 1866 and 1908. There is even a mapping tool. Several works like, “Encounter with an Interviewer,” in which Sam Clemens purportedly interviews Mark Twain, Twain gave multiple times at multiple locations. The database doesn’t provide the text of any of these presentations but many of those for which we have a text can easily be found online. This is an abnormally interesting resource that Mark Twain fans will want to check out.
Via, The Mark Twain Forum