Meaningless With 95% Confident

Dan McKinley tells of “Effective Web Experimentation as a Homo Narrans” at Math, Programming, and Minority Reports.
His abnormally interesting post begins,

If there’s anything people are good at, it’s retrofitting events with a coherent narrative. Even, or maybe especially, when the ultimate causes of past events are the forces of chance. If you look closely you can see this everywhere.

and ends,

Humans are at once flawed and remarkable animals. Much as we might imagine ourselves to be rational actors, we aren’t. But we can erect frameworks in which we can compel ourselves to behave rationally.

In between this beginning and this end he touches on the live burials of two Gauls and two Greeks; the Dow Jones average breaking below 12,471; evolutionary biology; the evolution of the Roman Catholic Church; and offers a longer “statistical” analysis of some Etsy search data.
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