Middle Assyrian “Cuneiforms” From Tell Qaber Abu al-Atiq

The Global Arab Network story seems somewhat garbled with confusion between the headline and the body of the article. Anyway, a Syrian-French team seems to be working at Dura Europos and a Syrian-Spanish team seems to be working at Tell Qaber Abu al-Atiq. The Greek stone crown is interesting but it was something else that caught my eye.

The Syrian-Spanish archaeological mission working in the site of Tell Qaber Abu al-Atiq (hill), 75 km north of Deir Ezzor, found a collection of cuneiforms dating back to the Middle Assyrian period.

I hope I live to see these “cuneiforms” published. While I do think things are improving, when it comes to archaeological discoveries, that is not always a given.

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  1. Don’t you just hate it when archaeologists sit on their arse to publish clear details about artifacts? In the internet age, this wait almost seems unnecessary and perverse.

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