Moabite(?) Temple Discovered

AP is reporting that archaeologists have uncovered an Iron Age II temple (8th century) at Khirbat ‘Ataroz near the town of Mabada in Jordan. Among the finds is a four legged zoomorphic figure that Ziad Al-Saad, head of the Jordanian Antiquities Department, identifies as Hadad. Is it a bull? They also uncovered other figurines and vessels apparently used in worship at the site. More details and pictures please.
Update: Yes it is a bull. Fox News, of all places, has a picture of several figurines and pot sherds. Still, even more pictures and details please.
Update, September 2, 2010:
Todd Bolen has a good discussion of the find with pictures of the temple that were taken six(!) years ago.

2 thoughts on “Moabite(?) Temple Discovered”

  1. I did a double take when I saw the name of the site. Back in 1999, while I was hanging out in Amman between projects, the project directors hired me to do a quick and dirty topo map of ‘Ataruz. They hadn’t started excavating, and though it was a cool little site and well located with views across plains to all directions, it wasn’t especially impressive. It’s most massive feature visible on the surface was a large channel, presumably defensive, cut along its western flank. I’m glad to see that they decided to dig it.

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