More On The QWERTY (Supposed) Effect

In a recent post I reported on a series of studies by Daniel Casasanto and Kyle Jasmin that suggest that the keyboard layout influences how we think of words. In an update to that post, I directed abnormal readers to Language Log where Mark Liberman questioned the statistical significance of Casasanto and Jasmin’s findings. Well, Casasanto and Jasmin have issued a strong reply.
In a couple of ways I think their reply is a little too strong. They attack the appropriateness of blogs as forums for scientific discussion. Their more substantive defense is instructive. Mark posted their reply on Language Log and they engaged engage Mark’s concerns more fully on Casasanto’s website (as if a website that does not support comments is somehow a better forum for scientific discussion than a blog that does). Mark promises his own reply anon.
As I indicated in my first post on this, what interests me is the possibility that something in a culture as unlikely as the organization of a keyboard might influence how people perceive language.
Mark’s reply to Casasanto and Jasmin’s defense is now available.