Nearing The End (I hope)

One way I know that I am nearing the end of the process of getting a paper published is that I begin to lose interest in whether or not it gets published. Yesterday I sent off a revised version of a paper that I once carried passionately about but by the time the revisions were completed the passion had been drained from me. Oh, I do think the paper is much better as a result of these revisions. I still think I have something abnormally interesting to say in this paper and I do hope, and believe, that it will find its way to print. But now that I have addressed the reviewer’s several concerns and a few of my own as best I know how there is a kind of exhaustion that has set in. The journal editor may ask for a few more modifications and then there will be the copy editor and the proofs to deal with. I will surely give my full attention to these chores – no longer near obsessions but now only chores.
I think I can now rekindle my passion for and focus on the crafty snake of Genesis 3 and consign Homer’s birds and snakes to a process that only requires my occasional dispassionate attention.