Negative Campaigning Works

We may say that we hate all those negative advertisements that pollute everything from our favorite TV shows to blogs but no matter how much we may hate them, those who study the election process know they work.
“The operating principle this year is that any dollar you spend on positive advertising is a dollar wasted,” said Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia. [CBS Evening News]
The real problem is with us and not the negative advertisements. If there was ever a time when as a nation we could discuss issues, and I’m not sure there ever was, that time seems long gone.

One thought on “Negative Campaigning Works”

  1. Good post, but I like to explore darker flavours of thought for my sardonic amusement.
    Most of us naturally have the rational capacity for day-to-day things such as crossing the street, doing laundry, going to work, socializing, making important banking decisions, etc. That’s obviously common enough for our society to function as it does.
    However what if a sizable number of the “mentally healthy population” is still simply incapable of a higher ability to consciously see past personal attacks and other logical fallacies? Not because of a lack of education but because of an inherent handicap? What if… humanity is still too primitive for democracy?

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