New Discoveries North Of Ugarit

The Global Arab Network headline reads, “Syria – Archaeological findings in Ugarit dating back to Hellenistic and Bronze ages.” Well, almost. It’s only 7 km off. Not that bad for a headline. But then, perhaps they meant the Kingdom of Ugarit and not the City of Ugarit.

Syrian Excavation Team discovers several archaeological findings dating back to Hellenistic and Old Bronze ages at Tal Shamia, 7km, north Ugarit in Lattakia Province, is based on a rocky mountainous area next to al-Arab River where the Syrian mission started its excavation works.
Syrian Assistant Director of Excavation at Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums, Ahmed Farzat Taraqji, said excavation works aim at cleaning the tombs engraved into rock and draw their architectural projections to get some indications about their history.

The location indicated in the article makes me wonder if this might be Bronze Age ebaqu that both Ugaritic (gt.ṭbq, KTU 4.213:5) and Akkadian (URUTe4ba-qu, RS 11.790:15, PRU III, 189b ) texts from Ugarit mention. But, without additional research this is only a wild guess and nothing more. What I do know is that Astour placed Ṭebaqu about 7 km north, well, north north east, of Ugarit. The best that can be said without a lot of work is that ancient Ṭebaqu was likely in the neighborhood of modern Tal Shamia. I’d need to look at several of other works and sources to be more certain and just now I have too many other things to occupy me.
Via Pseudoscienze Bibliche e False Reliquie

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