New Project at Byblos

The Daily Star reports,

Caretaker Culture Minister Selim Wardy and the municipality of Jbeil launched Tuesday the archeological project “Jbeil and the Sea,” which aims at retrieving the city’s Phoenician-era port.
“We hope our work will shed light on this great history so we can prepare for a better future,” Wardy said during a news conference held in the coastal city’s cultural center.
“The goal of this project is really to discover [Byblos’] maritime history, which is not known,” said Martine Francis-Allouche, a researcher at the College de France, one of the parties involved in the project, which will comprise three missions to be conducted over the next three years.

This could be an abnormally interesting project. I hope their work is published in a timely manner ant that the hype follows rather than leads that publication.
Via Jim Davila of fame to whom I wish a very happy blogiversary.