New Stuff From Loren Fisher

My teacher and friend Loren Fisher has just published a new collection of his poetry. Yes, he is a poet and a good one. Check out what Loren has to say about Poems: On Being Human or better yet buy it.
He has also introduced a second edition of his Genesis, A Royal Epic.

Genesis, A Royal Epic

Here’s what Baruch A. Levine and Gary Rendsburg have to say about this work:

Loren Fisher applies what is perhaps the single most valuable method of biblical interpretation to the book of Genesis, the principle of ‘multiple voices.’ Instead of forcing agreement between clearly distinct units and genres, he allows the differences to speak, and then brings them together to function as a royal epic of leadership and nationhood.
      Baruch A. Levine
      Skirball Professor Emeritus of Bible and Ancient
      Near Eastern Studies
      New York University

Loren Fisher has produced an elegant and eminently readable translation of the book of Genesis, with helpful literary and comparative notes throughout. The author does an exceptionally fine job of situating Genesis within the world of ancient Near Eastern literature. Both the casual reader and the advanced scholar of the Bible will gain many insights from this well-conceived project.
      Gary Rendsburg
      Department of Jewish Studies
      Rutgers University

In case you are wondering, the second edition of Genesis, A Royal Epic is also for sale.