Noah’s Ark, One More Time

Should it surprise anyone that an organization called Noah’s Ark Ministries International has found Noah’s Ark? Or so they say. Richard Bartholomew of Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion has the best discussion I’ve seen so far.
With all the abnormally interesting archaeology being done in Turkey these days, it’s more than a little depressing to see this kind of stuff crop up from time to time. The fact that the team includes folks from Hong Kong, Turkey, and Holland does give the crazy an international flavor.
Note: I indexed this one under Religion and not Archaeology. It wasn’t a hard decision.

3 thoughts on “Noah’s Ark, One More Time”

  1. just out of curiosity, exactly how many ‘discussions’ of the story have you seen? and what do you mean by ‘discussion’ since richard’s piece is more a summary of background information than a ‘discussion’ where various viewpoints are expressed.
    doesn’t ‘discussion’ imply more than a monologue?
    i guess what i’m wanting to know is what you mean when you use the word discussion.

  2. Jim,
    I was using the word “discussion” a little sloppily. I should have used “overview” or the like. Sorry to have offended your sensitivities.

  3. An exterior view of the “Ark” would’ve been a bit more convincing than the footage I’ve seen so far. Self-delusion amongst Arkeologists seems to be a job-requirement. “Wood hut on top of Ararat? It’s the Ark!”
    Of course, if they’re right, we have a much bigger debunking task ahead of us. Fortunately “Flood Geology” is even more asinine than Arkeology.

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