Nonfiction You Say

Take this link to Amazon’s Books › Nonfiction page. At least for now, you’ll see something abnormal. It turns out that an audio book of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and fairly recent print edition of Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are the second and third best selling nonfiction books on Amazon. There’s even more abnormally interesting nonfiction further down the list. Who would have thought it? Here’s a reduced screen shot just in case it changes.

Nonfiction brought to you by Amazon

I discovered this wonder while trying to make sense of the list of most popular “philosophy” books that Brian Leiter pointed out to from his philosophy blog.

One thought on “Nonfiction You Say”

  1. Hilarious but unsurprising. It seems like webcoders are trying to get ahead of themselves and automate things that are unautomatable as yet (until adequate artificial intelligence can finally be created to make this automatable). Until such time, we need educated and motivated people behind these systems constantly fixing errors and misedits. The problem is that companies always want to go the cheap way out and since most people won’t notice this nonsense, companies don’t care about the inaccuracies no matter how ludicrous. Hopefully one day robots will just replace us and get it over with. It’s coming. ;o)

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