Now The President

Stop it. Just Stop it. Stop citing the Bible and/or Jesus in favor of (or against) anything. It says exactly nothing that might directly inform our modern world about anything and that includes tax policy. Truthfully, it says very little that might inform us on Iron Age or Hellenistic Age government funding. But that doesn’t stop politicians including President Obama from citing it as if it does. I favor most of the President’s tax proposals, not because the Bible somehow might or might not support them. I favor them because they are, for the most part, fair and address real issues. But I sure wish he would remember that he is not Preacher in Chief. And that goes for all those other people who would be lead our secular state. May it ever be so. But I do worry.

One thought on “Now The President”

  1. Yes I totally agree but then I realized amusingly that if Obama had said instead “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one”, he’d start to look and sound too much like Tuvok. ;o)

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