On Burning Bibles

If that’s what someone wants to do, fine. Let them do it.
At the intervention of one group of Muslims against another, a South African court has banned the burning of Bibles. In a moral world, no court should be able to ban the burning of Bibles or Qur’ans, or copies of Huckleberry Finn, or my image in effigy. Aside from the humor value inherent in thinking that burning stuff somehow does anything worth doing, no one should care. If that’s how people want to spend a Saturday afternoon and they don’t risk starting a larger fire or contributing to air pollution, let them do it. I’m spending my Saturday doing something else.

One thought on “On Burning Bibles”

  1. I’m sure some people on the streets burn bibles, korans or any literature sacred or not just to keep warm at night. Too bad we’re caring about what provocative and relatively spoiled rich people are burning instead of helping the poor out from their unjust misery in life. Maybe some day we’ll get our priorities right.

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