5 thoughts on “On My Lack Of Clarity”

  1. having done more than a little (read: a whole ton) of editing for various and sundry and in a number of capacities i can only say… if it were all that clear, you wouldn’t be asked to clarify.

  2. I feel your pain, Duane. What’s better is when they try to be helpful and reword your sentence for you. It’s at that point that I often find just how easily my words can be misconstrued.

  3. Just being on the net for quite some time, I’ve discovered a myriad of different ways that I can be misunderstood, whether through my unintentionally vague wording or through the faulty reading of someone else. The text medium can be frustrating at times.
    I suppose in the making of a book one struggles to compromise between one’s own message and the way in which that message may be most effectively received by the reader.

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