On Name Calling

For reasons that some abnormal readers may remember, I’ve been collecting names that begin with mutu. Names like
mMu-utdIM (Mutba’li – Man of Ba’al)
mMu-ut-DINGIR (Mut-ili – Man of God)
mMu-ut-ša-DINGIR (Mut-ša-ili – Man of god)
mMu-ut-ša6lim (Mut-šalim[?] – Man of Šalim[?])
mMu-ut-ad-ki-im (Man of ‘Adkim)
mMu-tu-ḫa-ad-ki-im (The warrior is ‘Adkim)
mMu-ti-DINGIR (Mutī-ilu – My warrior is god)
mMu-tum-DINGER (Mutu-ilu – The warrior is god)
Mutu’s semantic range includes “man, husband, warrior, follower.” [Note: name translations are subject to change without notice or memory of previous translation]
But of all the mutu names I think the one I liked most is fMu-ti-ba-aš-ti (My husband is my pride). Last night I suggested that Shirley change her name to Mutībāshī. I dare not repeat the name she suggested for me.