On Openness To Foreign Influence

In his essay on Near Eastern flood traditions and Apollodorus’ account of the flood, Jan Bremmer says,

The idea of the Flood was borrowed in the time when the Greek horizon rapidly expanded and traditions about people made from stones may have started to look primitive or old-fashioned. However, the Greeks did not incorporate the animals or the family, who are standard inhabitants of the ark in the Near East. They were open to foreign influence but they were never slavish followers. [emphasis added]

The last sentence would work in regard to foreign influences on much of the Hebrew Bible. But in the case of the flood, Biblical adopters were obviously quite a bit more open than their Greek counterparts were.

Jan N. Bremmer, “Near Eastern and Native Traditions in Apollodorus’ Account of the Flood” in Florentino García Martínez and Gerard P. Luttikhuizen, eds., Interpretations of the Flood (Themes in Biblical Narrative, 1; Leiden: Brill, 1999), 39-55, here 55.