On The Fight Of The Century Decade Year Month Week

I am very upset with that atheist Jim Linville. Over at his Think Shop and Tea Room he wrote a post that says much of what I was trying to write about the tiff between John Loftus and Jim West, the role of atheists in biblical studies and what quotations from dead theists have to do with it all. What really makes me mad is that his post is much better than mine would have been. The other damnable thing about Jim Linville’s post is that it is too funny.

3 thoughts on “On The Fight Of The Century Decade Year Month Week”

  1. Yep, he has a way with words that leave us mere mortals awed and dumbfounded. If I wasn’t an atheist, I’d start a religion about cats and its canadian prophet.

  2. I’ve missed much of this myself, and mostly ignored what I haven’t missed. But, if it meant I could read more posts containing the words, “Well, whoopdee fucking doo!” I think I would pay closer attention to the whole thing.

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