Online Collaborative Research: A Chronographic Document

LIVIUS: Articles on Ancient History has posted a discussion by Bert van der Spek of the Free University of Amsterdam Netherlands and Irving Finkel of the British Museum on a chronographic document concerning Bagayasha (BCHP 18). They provide a description, the text and translation, a general commentary, a philological commentary, summery of events (all preliminary) and a bibliography along with several pictures of related tablets. But in the introductory comments they say, “This web publication is intended to invite suggestions for better readings, comments and interpretations” and give Van der Spek as a contact.
I hope they get lots of good comments. I’ve always believed that the web provides a great but underutilized vehicle for collaborative research. I likely won’t have anything much to contribute. These very late, Seleucid Era, cuneiform tablets with their Greek loanwords and often strange expressions are not among my normal abnormal interests. It is they are among yours or if you just want to see what it is all about head over to LIVIUS and see if there is anything you might contribute.