Osso Buco and Augury at Ugarit

I don’t even claim to know any Italian but that doesn’t mean that I’m exempt from dealing with it from time to time. My main problem with the language is that after struggling with a few words or a sentence I’m always hungry.
Right now, I’m trying to figure out if the uriyannu who established the boundary and set up boundary stones between Siyannu and Ugarit was a augur. It turns out that Mario Liverani and Franca Pecchioli Daddi have expressed opinions on this and they expressed those opinions in Italian.
I just finishing a struggle with Liverani’s three short paragraphs on the subject and I am fairly certain that uriyannu would go well with veal.

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  1. Stavrakopoulou makes a few suggestive connections between boundary stones and ancestor worship in Land of Our Fathers (Continuum, 2010), primarily in a biblical context.

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