Others Plan To Read the Qur’an Too

but perhaps on different days. I should have known that my idea to have a read the Qur’an day was not original. I’ve had very few truly original ideas that didn’t involve pissing against a wall. It seems that Larry Reimer, a minister at the United Church of Gainesville, Florida, suggested the idea last month. He suggested that the day be Sunday, September 12. For me, I’m planning to attend the Skeptics Society meeting at Caltech on September 12. And I’m not sure Reimer proposed that people read the whole thing that day as I plan to do. In fact, I’m a little concerned about this from Reimer “. . . I feel that those who understand that allowing [the Qur’an burning] to pass silently by allows Dove Outreach to win in the fight against tolerance and religious compassion will stand up and share scripture from the Qur’an. [emphasis added].” While I would prefer “indifference” to “tolerance and religious compassion,” in most ways I’m okay with this slightly confusing statement. But, there’s always a “but,” I do worry, and I may well be wrong about it, that this “share scripture” business implies Rev. Reimer will seek out passages in the Qur’an that are “Christian” enough for his congregation.
Anyway, take some time this weekend and read the Qur’an, all of it if you can find the time. I don’t care if you do it on Saturday or Sunday but also be sure not to miss your local Skeptics or Humanists society meetings.
Via Exploring Our Matrix