Over 5,300 Travel Miles But I’m Back Again

Shirley and I took a road trip two thirds of the way across the US – the longest road trip we have ever taken. We visited our daughter in Kent, OH. While there we also met face to face for the first time Jennifer Larson, the Kent State classicist who helped me with my paper on the Mesopotamian origin of Homeric Bird divination – forthcoming sometime this millennium.
We went to Shirley’s 59th high school graduation reunion in Columbia City, IN. “Why the 59th?”, you ask. In a word the answer is death. When the held their 55th those in attendance worried that many classmates might not make it to their 60th so they decided to have a 59th. They are planning their next reunion for their 63rd graduation anniversary. Death willing, that will be followed by their 60th and then their 62nd. You see the pattern and you see when they think it might end.
The UCC Church in Ryor, MissouriWe also visited the area in Missouri where my maternal grandmother spent her childhood and where her father is buried. This was a lot of fun. We sought out old cemeteries and did research at the Missouri State Archives, at the State University Library and at the Linn City Historical Society. The church pictured on the left is the most significant remaining evidence for town of Ryors (aka Stony Point and Linnwood) Missouri. It is likely that this is where my grandmother and her family attended church – if not this exact building, it’s predecessor at the same location. We think she attended the Contrary Creek German Evangelical Church which eventually merged with the United Church of Christ. The only account of my great-grandfather’s death says he drowned in a swollen Contrary Creek which flows near the church.
We didn’t get news on a regular basis while we were away. I did hear that Jesus got married or something. Happy Face