Pacific Coast Regional SBL Meeting In March

A preliminary program and an online registration system are now available for this year’s (March 25-26) Pacific Coast regional Society of Biblical Literature meeting in Santa Clara. Chris Heard (Remember when he used to blog?) will preside over three Hebrew Bible sessions that promise to be rich and varied. The theme of the last one, and I do mean the very last session of the conference, is “Magic, Mesopotamia and Hebrew Bible.” How could there be anything more abnormally interesting? As a fair warning, I am giving one of the three papers at that session. Brad Kelle will bringing together Ronald Hemdel, Laure Pearce, Aaron Brody and Tammi Schneider to discuss “Ancient Women in Text, Archaeology, and Iconography” for his always abnormally interesting Neo-Assyrian Insights session. In addition, there will be a paper on Middle Assyrian Building Inscriptions in an open session.
I see that there are also a number of papers on other things that some may find interesting. Check out the program.