Pictures, Drawing, Plans Please

The Independent reports on fortifications at the Minoan town of Gournia. They describe what seems to be a rather complex fortification system but I sure wish there were more details. A drawing would be nice. I’m sure all that will come with proper publication.
But this part of the description caught my eye.

In addition to the beach fortifications, it also appears that the Minoans built a second line of defence further inland. Heading back from the beach, there were two walls, together running about 180 meters east to west. Backed by a tower, or bastion, the walls would have posed a formidable challenge to any invader trying to march into the town.
Defenders manning this system of fortification would have rained projectiles down on attackers, by using bows and slings. The walls had stone foundations and were made of mud brick, making them sturdy enough to stand on. [emphasis added]

Do these “two walls” run in parallel to each other? Is one smaller than the other? Are they in any way comparable to the main definitive wall fronted by a short screening wall that we see at Middle Bronze Gezer or the somewhat similar, if earlier, defensive systems at Sema in Nubia or the later one at Hattuša (Boghazköy). Inquiring and impatient minds want to know.