Please Stand To The Side

Ed Brayton posted an rant about clueless walkers. He proposes that people who walk around in public places should be required to take training and acquire a license. But in listing several of walker offenses, Ed missed one of my pet peeves: those folks who crowd around an elevator door and act surprised when the door opens and there are actually people who want to get off the elevator.
I try to observe a three flight rule. If my destination isn’t over three flights up or down, I take the stairs. But that means that I do occasionally take an elevator. And that means waiting for the elevator. If the establishment is crowned, it often means waiting for a full elevator in a crowd. Inevitability, much of that waiting crown will unyieldingly block the elevator door. Some will even try to wedge their way into the elevator before the elevator is empty. These people need to take some kind of training but I doubt that walker training and licensing would help all that much without stiff fines as a reminder not to be heedless.