Problems, Problems

Abnormally, I am having some network problems. Service is intermittent. If you see this page our system is working. But it may stop working at any minute. The problem looks like some intermittent issue on the WAN side of our router. I’ve eliminated just about every other possibility. I’ve even changed cables. We had about 3 hours of hard down time this afternoon and evening. That gave me a lot of opportunity to troubleshoot and isolate the problem, so I’m fairly certain where the problem is. What I don’t know is why the problem comes and why it stops being a problem. We had the same thing three weekends ago, last weekend, and now today.
For those who might wonder, among the things that I tried was to connect my laptop directly to the DSL modem. I did this during a period when I had no, or so limited as to be useless, internet access from our two desktop computers or our server via the router. The laptop had great internet conductivity.
So tomorrow, we get a new router and see if that really fixes the problem. And that will cause some more down time. We’ve only had our current one for 15 years. It doesn’t owe us much but it makes me mad anyway.