Proofreading Akkadian Prayers

Alan Lenzi just sent me what amounts to the page proofs for one of my chapters in his forthcoming Reading Akkadian Prayers and Hymns – An Introduction. I’ve just started working through it. I don’t know what I may eventually find, but the format is great and, so far, the problems are almost nonexistent. Alan even fixed a couple of typos that I recently discovered in the last draft. While this work is aimed at second year Akkadian students, I can’t help but think that serious students of the Hebrew Bible and of prayers in general will find it very helpful.
Alan also sent me several files of raw Unicode hex strings that I need to convert to one of a couple cuneiform fonts. To begin with, Alan did this by hand. It was a very time consuming job. A few months ago I developed a little macro that rapidly preforms that tedious task. So, my macro and I are converting the prayers and hymns that Alan didn’t do. But making sure that the files are without extra spaces or unexpected punctuation and the like takes a little time. If there’s something that my macro doesn’t expect it bombs resulting the most vile outburst of involuntary swearing. Depending on the cause and the length of the involuntary reaction, such events sometimes add a half an hour to a task that should take but a few seconds.
At least I know how I will be spending my time for the next couple of days. I have asked Shirley to warn our immediate neighbors. It being winter with most people having their doors and window closed, I feel it unnecessary to extend the warning to the whole neighborhood.