Quotation Of A Week Ago

Keith Parsons on leaving philosophy of religion and returning to his first love, science and the philosophy of the history of science:

BTW, in saying that I now consider the case for theism to be a fraud, I do not mean to charge that the people making that case are frauds who aim to fool us with claims they know to be empty. No, theistic philosophers and apologists are almost painfully earnest and honest; I don’t think there is a Bernie Madoff in the bunch. I just cannot take their arguments seriously any more, and if you cannot take something seriously, you should not try to devote serious academic attention to it.

Parsons’ complete statement is abnormally interesting and deserves the short time it will take to read it. I fully understand both the push and the pull of Parsons’ decision to stop teaching and studying the philosophy of religion but I worry that if the push element of his motivation is universally applied there will no one left, theist or atheist, who even makes an effort to “present material that . . . [is] . . . antithetical to [his or her] own views as fairly and in as unbiased a manner as possible.”