Ramses III Inscription Found In Saudi Arabia

Arab News reports,

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) announced Sunday that Saudi archaeologists have discovered an ancient hieroglyphic inscription mentioning an Egyptian pharaoh on a rock near the ancient oasis of Tayma, Tabuk province. The discovery, about 400 km north of Madinah and northeast of the ancient Nabatean site Madain Saleh, marks the first confirmed hieroglyphic inscription discovered in the Kingdom.
“The rock was bearing an inscription of King Ramses III, one of the kings who ruled ancient Egypt from 1192 B.C.to 1160 B.C.,” said SCTA Vice President for Antiquities and Museums Ali Ibrahim Al-Ghabban at a news conference on Sunday at the Commission on National Museum.

Here’s a picture from the article. It clearly shows Ramses III’s name.

Early Bronze IV Age / Middle Bronze I Age round bottomed jar

Aside from the royal name there doesn’t seem to be too much to this inscription. Maybe there is more. If so, what does it say? I’m not even an amateur Egyptologist, not even much of a dabbler, but I think the stuff under the two cartouches says something like, ḥḳ3 t3-mri, “lord of Tameri, (beloved land = Egypt).” Is this correct? (see update) Does anyone out there know? Should I find this designation strange for Ramses III?
There also seems to be some other markings to the left. I sure wish the photo showed more of them. Are they ancient, modern, something in between, natural? Do I see the rear end of a ram with a portion of his horn above? Never satisfied, never satisfied.
The article has some other details about the find and the site that are worth reading. Check it out.
Update: November 10, 2010
In a comment below, Loren Fisher noted that I missed a word between ḥḳ3 and t3-mri and I think he is correct. My eye must have have jumped over a couple of signs. He suggests that we read the line ḥḳ3 ḏ3 t3-mri, “prosperous lord of Tameri,” or, less likely, ḥḳ3 ḏ3t t3-mri, “last(?) lord of Tameri.” The t is hard to read. I can’t find a parallel for either one of these. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t one only that I can’t find one.

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  1. Your translation is good but perhaps lacking a word in the middle. I think this word might be d3t (put a line under d). This could mean “last” or with out the t it could mean “Prosperous.” I say this because I am not sure about the t and the translation is better. But we need a better view as you suggest.

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