Rant Of The Day

Is breaking appointments pervasive? I just got a call reminding me of an appointment to get my car serviced on Monday. Anytime Shirley or I have a doctor’s appointment, they call to remind us. Or more likely, their robot calls to remind us. And it’s not just doctors and car maintenance providers that call; nearly everyone, even if I made the appointment with them the same day, calls to remind me. Any single one of these calls is okay. All of them aren’t
I’d like to have some way to tell people that, if they don’t hear from me, I will I keep my appointment.
But then, if this is my rant of the day, I really don’t have that much to complain about.

One thought on “Rant Of The Day”

  1. On Monday I am expecting a call from a charity to remind me that they are coming on Tuesday to pick up the donations I have promised for them.

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