Remind Me To Keep Better Notes

As part of a cleanup of some work I’ve been doing, I ran across an old note on a broken line of Akkadian text. Actually, it’s more than just a note. It’s the complete reconstruction of the line along with normalization of the hardest stuff and a few grammatical comments. Here’s the problem. I have no idea where this note came from. It’s in the same file as well documented notes from two secondary sources. But neither of them suggests this reconstruction. In fact, I’ve looked at every source I can think of and, except for these notes, this reconstruction is no where to be found.
Perhaps the reconstruction is mine. But one of the reconstructed logograms is not one that I would likely think of on my own. I do have a vague memory of thinking about this line a few months ago but that is it, a vague memory. With proper caveats, I’d like to use the reconstruction. It works well in context; it finds some limited support from elsewhere in the text and in Akkadian literature beyond this specific text; and it seems to fit the broken portion of the tablet. But, without knowing its origin, I’m afraid to use it. I’ll keep looking but when is it safe to give up and take credit for it myself? I worry that without further documentation the answer is, “Never.”